Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Warmth

Here is another Christmas picture from our trip to WDW in 2009.  This is my human Andrew holding me in front of a display at the Walt Disney World Dolphin suggesting a lovely warm Christmas on the beach (make your snowman a sandman).

Outside here, now, it is raining.  Higher ground in England - including Andrew's brother's house - have had snow overnight.  Crisp fresh snow can look very pretty but driving through snow isn't part of the fun of being with family (my driver, Mikki, says).

I quite like the idea of a nice warm Christmas.  I think we might have to go even further south than central Florida to guarantee Christmas on a real, outdoor, beach (and I don't really like real sand in my fur).  Truth is that it doesn't matter that much as long as we're all together, and I'm getting lots of cuddles.


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