Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Preparations Continue

Preparations for Christmas continue in our house.  Andrew has been up in the attic getting down boxes of decorations and Mikki is sorting out what she wants to put up first.

There are some nice soft toys/beanies that are all dressed up in Christmas costumes and have to spend most of the year in st***ge.  It's nice to see them out, even if they are all mice (and one d*g).

Andrew has now set up the snowman (see "Snow has Gone" in January).  He is staying indoors this year.  Too warm outside!

Meanwhile I have been comforting the humans with cuddles as they both started crying.  They were watching the new video of the Military Wives Choir.  Look at:
My humans have already ordered the official song and are sending some money to military charities.  I'm not sure I understand, but it seems this is the world's chance to show we want to help our heroes more than we want to support someone called Simon Cowell.
For my picture, I am still in Walt Disney World.  This tree was in the foyer of the Beach Club Resort.  I think whichever of my humans was taking the picture was trying to be artistic by framing me with two of the big chairs.  Don't worry.  The picture'll be fine.  It's got me in it. 
Later today, the humans will help erect the tree in our village.  The official lighting ceremony is this evening.
There, there. Calm down.  Let me give you another cuddle.

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