Saturday, 17 December 2011

Life's Tough When You're a Star

It's one thing that my humans seem to enjoy dressing up and looking silly but when they do it to their toys it needs explanation.

The humans went out last night (Friday) and joined friends and neighbours in a large party for Christmas dinner in our local restaurant.  There was lots of good food and joking  (I am told) - and Christmas crackers to pull.  Well, my Mikki pulled hers and took out the paper party hat - but found it had been glued in the wrong place and was tiny (with a long tail).  She immediatly announced it was my size - and that she would prove it with a photo on the web.  Soon another human found an eye patch as the novelty in their cracker.  Mikki said I would like that too.  So here I am:  on my Blog and another photo on Twitter,  @andrew1987Young.  I think it is the very first picture Andrew has put up there.

It all seems rather humiliating in some ways.  Not only do they dress me up like this but put me up on the mantelpiece next to mere ornaments.  And they're ornamants of mice and a pixie!  There's a nice Armani statue of a really cute kitten on the end of the mantelpiece but they're not showing that.  They've even put a Christmas card in front of it!  Meeeoow.

It's taking a lot of work for me to remain calm and dignified.  After all, Figaro is not just any Disney character:  he is a star.  He has short films of his own - and his own little song to accompany them.  I know people like to see me and, like a true star, I must keep the fans happy.  Besides, the least I can say is that the humans were thinking about me when they were out last night.

And the hat's actually a bit big - but we stars sometimes have to cope with ill-fitting costumes, don't we?

I think I deserve a cuddle now.


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  1. hi, figaro!

    as my humans know your humans i thought it would be a good idea if we got to know one another - especially as we are both globe-trotting bloggers!

    a rabbit's ramblings

    happy christmas

    from buttons!

    (i had to get brian to sign me in as google didn't seem to know my password! outrageous!)