Sunday, 4 December 2011

One Month to Go

A month from now, we will be on our way to Walt Disney World.  My human Mikki is planning how to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as much as possible while it is open.  I am just thinking about a nice relaxing time and a few more pictures with characters.

The picture was taken on our last trip out in October 2010.  We were Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic.  Sadly, this is not how we will be travelling this time - but a toy can reminisce and dream can't he?

We all loved it.  We started with breakfast, massage and mimosas in the Upper Class lounge at Gatwick.  Onboard, the food was lovely and the humans could lie down and sleep while we toys could chat with the friendly cabin crew at the bar.

The flight was the result of the humans using a Virgin credit card and accumulating quite a large number of reward points.  I don't think it will be happening again soon (and Virgin are cutting back on Upper Class anyway).

On another subject, thank you, Ellen, for thinking of me and sending my Mikki the cartoon of the Dalek with a cat.  My humans have two radio controlled toy Daleks they were given one Christmas.  All they seem to want to do is exterminate each other.  Petting is OK but I prefer proper cuddles - and from proper humans.  Yes, you two, that means you.


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  1. Figaro, only now catching up with your blog (gasp... what a travesty!) but I'm glad to see you enjoyed the picture of the Dalek. So sad that I won't be able to give you cuddles in January.