Wednesday, 7 December 2011


More good days for a toy cat to stay indoors.  It's just started raining (again).  Forecast is of gales today and a warning of severe gales and heavy rain coming to our area tomorrow.  Let's think of somewhere much warmer where we will be in January.

This picture was taken during our last "January" visit to Wald Disney World.  Here I am on the balcony of our room at Kidani.  Just look at the giraffes behind me and imagine the baking African savannah.

OK, central Florida in January is not quite "baking".  My humans were wearing jackets a lot of the time.  I did say, "imagine", and if you're not wiling to free up your imagination you probably won't make the most of Disney World.

I am pretty sure I can look forward to it being warmer than here.  We will be spending part of the time at Kidani again, so I can also look forward to some new pictures of me watching the animals.  And, I am looking forward to lots of cuddles.  Of course, I don't have to go to Florida for them - or wait until January.

That's it.     Prrrrrr.

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