Thursday, 15 December 2011

December in Florida

It's cold and miserable outside here in England so I'm cheering myself up with a picture taken on one of our previous December trips to Walt Disney World.  Those in "the north" (UK or USA) just imagine the warmth.

This is at our "Home" DVC resort of Old Key West.  Of course, when my humans joined it was just "The Disney Vacation Club".  And there was a sales centre ("The Commodore House") where the building behind me to the right of the picture is.  My humans remember looking out at that fountain while going through the papers and talking about buying.  They say that in those days it was the softest sell in the world.  All that was a long time ago: 1992!  That's so long ago that it was before I had even gone to live with my humans.

The picture is a lot more recent.  Since then, Disney has carried out a major refurbishment of the interior - which has quite spoilt it for us.  We will not be staying at Old Key West during our January visit.  But outside, it still looks idyllic.

Yes, yes.  It's sunny in the picture but how warm was it really?  I can't remember:  I'm only a toy cat.  So it probably wasn't as warm as in the summer.  It still makes you wish you were there, though.  Doesn't it?

Now I wish for a little cuddle, please.


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