Wednesday, 21 December 2011

We Are Not Alone: and Christmas Wishes

I was planning to put up a photo of Figaro's Christmas stocking just before Christmas - but I had not expected that I would already have received some lovely presents myself.

Warm welcome to Brian who has started following me (and to Ellen and Brian who are following my picture on Andrew's tweets).  Hope they forgive me, however, if I reserve my most special Prrrrrr for Buttons the toy rabbit.  He also has a Blog on Blogger. A Rabbit's Ramblings.  Meet him at:

Buttons is my first real toy friend in this wonderful world of the internet and social networking.  It is taking my humans (OK, I mean Andrew) quite a lot to get used to and I am way behind the times.

Still, it would be very nice to hear from any other cuddly or chatty toys out there who would like to join us.  Felines of all sorts welcome but so too are all bears, sheep, hamsters, mice, horses, etc - even d*gs.    You don't have to be Disney.  Buttons isn't.

Meanwhile, here is my picture of Figaro's Christmas stocking - which we saw as part of a display of Geppetto's workshop in the Contemporary Resort in 2009.  See that!  The humans have put me where it looks like I'm a puppet and Geppetto is controlling me.  The things we stars have to put up with.  They've also got too much flash in my face.  Sometimes stars even have to work with amateurs - and it does make me look very clean and white.

What would I tell Santa I would like in the stocking?  I was just looking forward to a few more cuddles but a new friend has been a lovely early bonus.  Happy Christmas, Buttons.


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