Friday, 6 January 2012

First Day in Disney

It's Thursday January 5th and my humans and I are enjoying the Christmas music at the Kidani Village section of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Yes, so  much has happened that it is easy to forget it is still Christmas.

On Tuesday 3rd, we travelled by train to Gatwick Airport.  The journey was miserable.  Lots of trains were cancelled and we managed to get on one that had been diverted but had standing room only.  Poor Mikki had to stand for two houurs.  Andrew managed to perch on his own - solidly built - suitcase and I and my fellow toys had to stay in the luggage.

The time at the Hilton Hotel at Gatwick Airport was rather better.  We were offered, and took, a reduced price upgrade to a suite.  I had some nice pictures taken.  We were even recognised at reception. My humans enjoyed relaxing in the Executive lounge and even got chatting to some people they may meet later here in Florida.

We flew yesterday, Wednesday.  Our plane had been changed for the flight to a different sort so my humans had been split up but the check-in person realised this wasn't what we intended and got it changed.  I got out on the plane.  New leather seats that were an improvement but the food was not that good and there was not as much space for me to stand.  Mikki says I have to win the lottery for them if I want to go upper class again!  Meeeoww!

After a nine hour flight, we were all tired but very pleased to get to Florida and to Kidani Village.  The humans had a snack and a beer in the bar and went to bed.

Today has mostly been a day for sorting things out:  the car hire, the park tickets and so on.  Some things went well and some took longer than the humans wanred.  I think they are both still tired.  They had lunch at Sanaa.  It's a cute location with a lovely view of the animals - and if the food tastes good, who cares how authentically Indian it is (or why you have an Indian themed restaurant overlooking African animals).  I'm so glad I'm a toy and don't have to worry about things like eating.

This evening we met our friend Christine - who is running a 5 km race tomorrow morning.  She gave me a lovely cuddle.  Good luck Christine.

Sorry, no pictures with the posts for the moment.  My technical crew claims he hasn't the right software to edit and upload the photos.  Perhaps I'll find a way to catch up later.

For those of used to the weather in England, the 60s F temperature today was comfortable.  From tomorrow, it is supposed to get warmer.  Prrrrr.

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