Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Meeting Other Characters - and More

Yes, this is another picture with me, my human Andrew, and Mickey Mouse - but it does go rather better (at least for Andrew)!.  I'll explain when we get to it.

Today, it's Monday 16th January and we have had a busy holiday weekend in and out of the Parks.  It has also been colder than normal around here (especially on Saturday) even if a lot warmer than at home in Lincolnshire.  In fact, I think I'll pass over Saturday in Epcot even if I did get a few nice pictures.

Sunday in the Magic Kingdom was definitely our day for nice pictures with characters - as well as being a good deal warmer.  We had quite a long wait for a picture with Jasmine and Alladin but passed the time chatting to the person in front of us who turned out to be a cast member originally from California who had worked there, here and in Tokyo as well as his current job in Paris.  He told us something about the preparations for their 20th anniversary.

We had a much shorter line for Tigger and Pooh in Town Square.  Tigger gave me some bouncing lessons.  I can't wait to see the photopass picture.

It was now time to meet our friend, Christine and her family.  Lines for almost everything were long but, surprisingly, seeing Mickey Mouse was not one.  We were soon ushered into his room - and found Minnie was wirh him.  Minnie was very pleased to see me and gave me a kiss.  Then the "minder" suggested a "double kiss" - but for Andrew.  Anyway, he got this photo and I think it is quite unusual and very cute.  I suppose you can say "follow that".  Philharmagic and the TTA were what we did but you can't really top this picture.

So today, a holiday Monday, we avoided Parks and went to the shops.  The humans found some Mickey Mouse and Tinker Bell figures (the only Figaro was far too small).  In Wal-Mart, they got some presents for neices and some more DVDs.  Elsewhere, they bought sandals that help exercise and stocked up on orange juice.

I was pleased that one thing on the shopping list was a fine black pen which Mikki has already used to perform restorative surgery on my eyes.  I can see a lot better now.

I'm writing this in the evening while the humans are watching their DVDs.  I'm still not sure about Mikki doing this, but at least I've got her to be a bit more gentle about putting me in the trunk of the car (she now asks if I will feel safer out of sight).  What I really need is a cuddle.  Yes, now.


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