Thursday, 12 January 2012

Marathon Weekend - and a Bit More

Here's a few thoughts on our first week in Walt Disney World.  We have been in Kidani Village overlooking the (flesh and blood) zebra, giraffe and co.  That has been something rather special for the humans.  They specially liked the early mornings, when there were often animals right outside our window.

The big event of the last week was the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and it was lovely to meet so many of our friends who had taken part.  It started off with an easy 5k on the Friday, moved on to a half marathon on the Saturday and finished with a full marathon on the Sunday.  What was remarkable was that lots of folks did all 3!  There were Disney style medallions for each race but everyone agreed that the ultra snazzy new Donald Duck design for the half marathon was the best (#1 for once Donald!).  We even saw a couple of people with a sash reading "Perfect Goofy".  We learned that running both the marathon and half marathon qualifies you as "Goofy" and "Perfect Goofy" meant you had been "Goofy" every one of the 19 times Disney have held the event.  Even our most eager running friends thought that was "seriously Goofy".  My humans and I congratulate anyone who has run one - ever.

It's time for my picture - now that I have got the humans to learn how to get them on the little Netbook we have with us.  It is me with Marie the Aristocat in the France area of Epcot.  The humans are there too.  Marie gave me a nice cuddle, and a kiss! - but I think she may be a bit big for me.

We have spent a bit of time in all of the parks.  Mikki specially wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom last Friday so she could ride Big Thunder Mountain before it closed.  She had 3 rides including 2 with Fast Pass.

I've had my picture with a few other Disney characters already.  We met everyone at the Character Spot here in Epcot and we have had lunch with Donald at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.  The humans also had one with Tigger and Pooh in the UK pavilion but didn't include me!!  The Studios were a little disappointing.  There seems to be less than ever in the Animation Building.  Even the new Star Tours ride didn't excite us (well, that went for the newer movies too).

We've also been round and about at the stores too.  On property, there is a new Figaro plush.  I say, "new" but he is just "Fancy" without the gold spray paint and with a collar with his name on it.  I like it that he doesn't have the gold spots - which made him look like he had some strange disease.  But I'm not sure about calling him, "Cured Figaro".  Can it be that he won't come home?  Off property, the humans have explored some different fresh food stores as well as their regular places (like the Disney outlets).

Finally, I have to admit to worries about my human, Andrew.  We've been here a week and "the child within" still hasn't really come to the surface.  He's still seeing lots of negatives about Disney - like the poor tv, the poor internet connection (and someone said they even block sports sites that aren't ESPN), the noise almost everywhere and the lack of readable menus in restaurants.  He was specially sad that a quality restaurant didn't have a large print menu.  This sort of thing is getting fairly common in the UK and Disney used to be leaders in disability awareness.

Andrew has a  persistent cough and some back aches so perhaps he will feel better as we sort these out.  Fortunately, he is still happy to give me a cuddle.


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