Saturday, 14 January 2012

Much Better Now

It must have been right for me to post my worries about Andrew because things got better almost immediately.  His cough got a lot better overnight (which meant we all got a better night's sleep) and Mikki decided to take charge of his back by insisting he use a wheelchair.  Yesterday morning (12th Jan), we went to the Magic Kingdom.  Andrew controlled the pains in his neck and back; I had lots of fun sitting on his lap; and even Mikki claimed to enjoy herself.  I just think she was heroic - and I have learned that round here Mikki (either spelling) is the Boss.  So here's our picture with Mickey.
Everyone was very nice to us and lots of people recognised me - like the Mayor of Main Street (and Mickey Mouse himself).  We also had pictures with Princesses Cinderella, Belle and Aurora - and also with the fairies but Tinker Bell made a complete fool of herself by calling me a d*g.  We were back in the park today and met Peter Pan, who said that was just like Tinker Bell:  little know-all.

Yesterday evening, the humans went to Epcot for dinner at Bistro de Paris.  They said they had a lovely time but didn't take me.

This morning we went shopping.  The main purpose was to find another quality food shop and we went to "Whole Food" in a development at the junction of Turkey Lake and Sand Lake Roads.  The humans seemed pleased.  They ate in the room tonight.  Of  course they made some other visits too.

They have been using their GPS today.  This was fun on the way out:  we realised how long it has been since we really went exploring as it took us down roads we didn't know existed. It diidn't do so well on the way back: it got totally mixed up about the location of our hotel. Just as well we knew a way ourselves.

The only downside of the shopping is that Mikki has taken to unceremoniously dumping me in the boot (trunk)  of the car while in the stores.  I think she's  been watching too much television (and she has bought a Burn Notice DVD set!).  Mikki, it's fantasy - and it's set in Miami not central Florida.  Stick to reality:  Disney World.

Like I said, we have been back to MK today.  Mikki pushed Andrew and me along the walkway.  Who needs Belgian cobbles on Test Track when you have a wheelchair and "Walk Around the World".  In MK, we had several new experiences, like boarding "Haunted Mansion" and "Buzz Lightyear" where you normally get off.  We also saw another new place - the First Aid Center!  Somehow Andrew managed to cut himself on the way in.  It was no big deal (unless you're a toy cat terrified of getting blood on your fur) and just needed a small band-aid.

So, things are much improved in the last day or two.  Long may it continue.

Prrrr,  Prrrrr.

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