Sunday, 1 February 2009

Quiz Time

We had a general knowledge quiz in our village on Friday. There were 8 rounds of 10 questions each. My human, Mikki, was the questionmaster and compiler - so people should have guessed what one of the subjects for a round of questions would be. But she wanted a cryptic title for the round.

Oh, haven't I told you about Norton Disney! I'd better now.

When we lived in London and visited Walt Disney World, it was easy to tell anyone where in Britain we lived. At least everyone had heard of London. When we moved to Lincolnshire, Andrew decided he wanted to say something more than, "about 100 miles north of London". So now when people ask where in Britain we live, we say, "About 30 miles from the original Boston and 3 miles from a village called Norton Disney".

Walt did visit Norton Disney on one of his European trips when he was interested in tracing his ancestry. In old english, "Norton Disney" meant "the big house of the Disneys". It is assumed a knight from one of the french villages of Izney (someone "d'Izney") came to England with William in 1066 and was given land here. The name was later anglicised to "Disney". We guess someone from the family may have gone to north amierica but I don't think Walt was ever able to join up all the connections. Of course, nobody in Walt Disney World has heard of Norton Disney (precious few of the original Boston) so we still have to explain we live, "about 100 miles north of London".

Anyway, Mikki was bound to have a Disney round in the quiz, but called in "Not Norton". Somebody should have guessed!

And now the questions:

1. What was the first full length animated feature film?
2. Name the father and son Kings in The Lion King
3. What was the first Pixar film released through Disney?
4. Who was The Little Mermaid's prince?
5. Who voiced Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast?
6. Name all seven dwarfs.
7. In which US state is the original Disneyland?
8. What year was Walt Disney born?
9. Mickey Mouse very nearly had a different name, what was it?
10. Who is Donald Duck's girlfriend?

I think they are pretty easy (except, perhaps, No. 8) even if none of the answers is me or comes from my film of "Pinocchio". So, I'm not giving the answers for the moment.

I'm not giving any prizes either. The winning team at the quiz received a prize of two bottles of "bubbly" (for the adults) and a box of sweets for the kids. Everyone seemed to have fun and they also raised some money for the restoraton of the village church.

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