Wednesday, 11 February 2009

More Snow

In fact, the snow has just about gone by now (Wednesday). We had a little bit more on Monday but since then there has been rain. Either way, I am glad I am a toy and not a real cat so don't have to go out in it and get cold or wet.

Last week was pretty cold every day except Wednesday. Fresh snow on Wednesday night meant that on Thursday the plumber couldn't get up our drive in his van. Fortunately, it was only a short way and he didn't have heavy things to carry so he walked. Mikki is having some work done in her bathroom (water again). One thing was fixed last Thursday so she is a bit happier now. One thing remains to be done.

We were lucky that last Wednesday was the best day to travel. We all went to see Andrew's mother - who lives about 80 miles away. I usually go too when my humans go for long car rides. I sit with Andrew in the front passenger seat. Sometimes, they expect me to amuse them and help the driver's concentration. Last Wednesday, we all listened to nice music on a CD (Classic Disney Volume 1). There weren't any tracks from my films on this volume but I enjoyed songs from other films that reminded me of some of the characters I have met. I think I may start posting some of my best recent pictures.

When it snows, the humans tend to stay about the house more. This can be great if they spend the time cuddling you - and this did happen once or twice. On the other hand, they can just spend their time wandering aobut the house looking for things to do and disturbing you when you want to sleep. One of the worst things is when they go out trying to clear snow or ice and come back cold and wet and then want to play with you.

For the last two days, the humans have kept out of my way while re-painting the walls of one of the rooms downstairs. So far, I have been lucky that they have cleaned all the paint off themselves before coming near me. That sort of thing can be even more worrying than water and snow. I'll see if I can find a nice picture when the work is finished.

Prrrrr; Prrrrr.

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