Sunday, 15 February 2009

House 1 - The new Den

Here is a picture of the room my humans have been painting last week. When I say "my humans", I mean Mikki did all the actual painting and I think she did it very well.

This room connects with the kitchen through an arch. The humans use the table for casual eating and there is also a television. We call it "the den". The colour on the left hand wall is called "brown sugar" but most people think it looks like milk chocolate. The other colour is called "pale gold". We think the overall effect is a lot warmer and more cosy than the previous neutral colour.

I hope you can see - and like - the pictures on the walls. The oil painting on the left hand wall is of a house where Mikki used to live as a little girl. You may notice there are three drawings of Figaro the cat - the two on either side of the oil painting and the one to the far right of the photograph. They are all the sort of drawings you can buy at "Art of Disney" or in the Studios. I think they are all old enough that we only had to pay $25 each for them. They show the only 3 poses of Figaro we have ever seen. We persuaded the artist to add "Clever Cat" to the one to the left of the oil painting. He had to think about it a lot to see it was allowed by Disney rules. I think we managed it by reminding him that Figaro's song starts, "Figaro was a clever little cat". The picture on the far right was drawn by Lindy, who used to work in the Disney Studios. We met her several times and I think we have a photo of her somewhere. We have other characters drawn by her but only one of me because there were no new poses she could do for us. She shaded in Figaro's dark fur much more than the other artists.

In fact, all the pictures you can see on the right hand wall are by Lindy. There is Mickey Mouse in his "Band Concert" outfit and a lovely Millennium offering with the classic motto, "If you can dream it .. You can do it!" Quite appropriate in a house called, "Horizons". There is one more picture on that wall which the camera didn't include but I'll keep that for another time.

This photograph was actually taken from the path outside the window. I made sure I was in this photograph after Mikki wouldn't allow me in yesterday's. I have called this post "House 1" in the hope that the humans will allow me to put up other pictures of interesting things around the house in the future.


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