Friday, 27 February 2009

Another Figaro (again)

My family continues to grow as we welcome my latest "cousin". He came from the Disney Store in London. My humans visited London last Saturday.

He nearly missed us - if it had not been for Mikki's persistence. As I told you, we saw him online and I sent the humans to look at him in the store. There was a cast member "greeter" at the entrance. They asked her if the store had the new Figaro. She said, "no". They had no toy cats apart from Marie - and there is always more available online than in the store. Well, we have come this far so they thought they might as well check anyway. Also, the greeter was standing in front of a display of cuddly toys from "Bolt" with several toys of Mittens the cat on it so her claim to have no cats apart from Marie couldn't be taken entirely at face value.

My new cousin was hiding upstairs. He and a few "brothers" were sharing a bucket with rather more toys of Pinocchio. My humans picked up two - this one for our family and one for a gift.

This Figaro sits about 8 inches tall and has lovely ears that curl round just like a real cat's. He also has a label "Disney Store Exclusive" sticched to his rear end. That must be quite painful. His other feature is that he has quite a long tail - sufficiently long that he is getting to be known as "LT".

After collecting Figaros, my humans went to look for trading pins. The Disney Store in London is said to be experimenting with selling them. My humans were not sure how well the experiment is going because they had to ask to see the pins which were on a board behind the counter. This may not help their popularity.

Anyway, it was after my humans thought they had finished and had paid that they turned round and saw a lovely fridge magnet of Disney's cutest kitten. So it came home too and is in the picture.

And, yes, my humans did tell the greeter where they found Figaro. She was suitably embarrassed. Perhaps the Disney Store should improve her training on stock. Or is it that they realise that Figaro is a very special toy and only determined and dedicated Disney nuts should be allowed to find him.

So, welcome "LT" Figaro. You are offically our 21st family member.

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