Friday, 13 February 2009

Characters 1 - Rafiki

As promised, here is my first picture of me with one of the other Disney characters. I thought of this one last Wednesday while we were listening to "Circle of Life" on the CD "Classic Disney, Volume 1".

This picture was taken in November last year. We met Rafiki, the wise baboon from the Lion King, at the Conservation Station in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Rafiki picked me up and did this without any request or prompting. It's like he presented young Simba to the animals gathered below Pride Rock. He must have thought there was something special about me - and who am I to question him on that.

My human who was taking the picture forgot to take one lookng the other way to show all the other visitors bowing like the animals did in the film. I'm sure you can imagine they must have been. We all have our dreams and they say Walt Disney World is where dreams come true.

Prrrr; Prrrr.

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