Saturday, 28 February 2009

And they say my humans are silly!

This post has taken me a lot of time to write because I think my humans are very nice. They take their toy cats on holiday; persuade Disney characters to pose with them for pictures; and even let me keep an internet Diary. This seems entirely rational and sensible behaviour to me. Why would anyone think that silly?

Well, everyone's odd in someone's eyes and I'm still happy. Take last week. We drove to see Andrew's mother - about 80 miles each way. I travel with them in the car and sit with Andrew on the front passenger seat. But we don't zoom past other cars that are already going at the speed limit; we don't weave in and out of lanes without even indicating and we don't try to overtake a line of traffic and try to cut in just before a lane closes. And our driver (Mikki - if Andrew tried to drive that is what I would call crazy!!) doesn't use a mobile phone while driving. If those are the sort of guys who think my humans are crazy, then they're as happy about that as I am.

Right now they are rushing around packing for our next big trip. This is to Bermuda and we will be there in a couple of days. I can now say "we" because my silly humans were thinking of not taking me - or were they just teasing me: they do that a lot.

I haven't explained the reason for our visit yet. I am told there are no Disney theme parks there but there are lots of good and special reasons to go. I am sure we will enjoy ourselves lots.


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