Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Characters - Rosetta

Just before we leave the house I thought there was time for one more picture of me with a Disney character. Yes, it's one of those lovely Disney fairies who help Tinker Bell. I'm saving the picture of Tink herself for the moment: this is Rosetta.

We were all shrunk to fairy size to meet them. Look at the picture and think how small that must have made me. It's remarkable that the process was so painless and had no lasting effects!

Last time we were in Walt Disney World, we visited the fairies twice. We were lucky: in the two visits we met all four of Tink's friends. They were all so very nice to me. Tink also seemed specially interested in my human Andrew - but that's another story.

And now, in Merlin's words, "Blow me to Bermuda!" Actually, it'll be fly me by British Airways - but that may be another story too!

Prrrr Prrrr.

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