Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Back from Bermuda

Hello, everyone. My humans and I have been back from Bermuda for a couple of weeks now but they have been busy with other things as well so I have only now been able to get back to the computer to put some more news on this Blog.

Bermuda was lovely and we were all treated very well. Mikki told me this was the picture I should show you because she said the colours are so accurate on it. I admit I wasn't there when the picture was taken because the humans went out on a boat and I'm not a ship's cat. All that water would just worry me. It was also one of the best days while we were there - with lovely sun and little breeze. I should add that it was no accident that they went out on the sea on a good day. The friend who was captaining the boat kept his eye on the forecast.

Bermuda is very pretty. All the houses are painted nice pastel colours. Mikki thought they all looked especially good in the sun. I won't comment: I think black and white are just fine as colours.

It is quite a small island - and one of the most densely populated places there is. There is no real countryside of the sort my humans can drive me around here. Visitors can't hire cars. I am not sure what the real reason for this is. Some say it is just one of the ways they keep the total number of cars down. It is a small island formed on an extinct volcano and a lot of the land is steep. Most of the roads are narrow and many steep or twisting. Some Bermudians also point out that most of the visitors are Americans and they don't understand the difference between driving on the right (correct) side of the road and driving on the right (hand) side of the road. Also, they have roundabouts in Bermuda. They don't want more accidents. They will hire scooters to tourists but my humans wisely kept well clear.

The humans had a very busy time visiting a family Mikki has only recently discovered she has. It was quite exciting for her - and all the rest of us.

We took lots of pictgures - although I didn't appear in as many as when we are Walt Disney World. I may show you some others in later posts.

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