Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Easter Weekend Away

We all went away for the easter weekend. My humans wanted to spend time with Andrew's mother. Floppy Figaro and I went with them. For some reason, Mikki likes to take Floppy with her when she goes away overnight. We stayed at a lovely country house hotel outside Harrogate called Hob Green. This picture is of us two Figaros on our bed - a four-poster. There was a lovely view from the window too - but we didn't take any pictures of that. The room was on the first floor (which in England means it is upstairs. Below was the dining room and a terrace where people could sit out during the day and have cups of tea in the sunshine and things like that.

The humans spent a lot of time with Andrew's mother who is planning to move to a smaller flat (apartment) so we toys spent a lot of time on the bed. But I did visit her: she always likes to see me.

Andrew's brother and his wife also stayed for two nights at the hotel and they all ate two lovely dinners and two lovely breakfasts. Mikki got especially excited about scallops one evening and a rhubarb sorbet the other one. Then there was a lot of strange talk about lambs' kidneys for breakfast. Anyone would think we toys are missing out on something by not eating.

While the humans were eating their dinner, a nice human came into the room and turned down the bed. This meant we were moved. Put another way, it meant we could play happily while our humans were away and not worry about getting back into position when they came back.

I think we may be spending a lot more time visiting Andrew's mother until the move is completed but I think most of the other visits will just be day trips. In fact, we have already made one day visit by the time I write this post.

Well, it was a lovely weekend.

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