Thursday, 22 January 2009

Another Figaro

Another Figaro has arrived in our house. He sits up and is about 7 inches high. He looks really cute. Of course he does: he's a Figaro and we all look really cute. My human Mikki found him on eBay but it looks like he came originally from the Disney Store in the USA.

He hides it well but he is one of those fancy electronic toys. If you squeeze his chest, he meeows. He has two different meeows and he alternates them. He hasn't got an "on/off" switch so he meeowed every time he went over a bump in the Post Office delivery van. Our village postman (who is very nice) wondered what was in the packet. We are lucky our country postman is so sensible. In London these days they might have thought he was a bomb!

We also haven't worked out if his meeow is powered by clever electronics that work from the energy of squeezing him or if he has a battery. We can't find a way into him so if he has a battery, we can't replace it. For the moment, my humans are avoiding squeezing too much. This means they keep on playing with me.

Our family of Figaros has grown over the years. The new one will officially be No. 20 - but the counting has got a little confused at times. Apart from me, my humans give all of them names (I am just "Figaro" because I was first). They haven't thought of one for the new boy yet. We think his face looks a little puzzled so he may be called "Quizical Cat" or "Puzzlepus". He also looks friendy but I've vetoed "Friendly Figaro" because we all are. "Happy" is definitely out because it would upset a toy dwarf downstairs. Lots of the newer ones have been "New Boy" to start with.

It doesn't worry me at all to have other toy Figaros in the house. "Nobody's getting replaced", I tell the rest. Don't be concerned for me either. The picture shows the new Figaro on the bed in the guest room. He is not coming on the bed in the main bedroom - where I live.

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