Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Well, what am I supposed to talk about this week? Yes, there has been something happening in Washington and even a toy cat can't ignore it.

Last year, we were in Florida after the election. We have been there at election time in the past. My humans like observing US elections. Things are so different there from in the UK (This is complicated, so I need a little help). In the USA, the President is both Head of State and Head of Government and there is a weird system of election where people vote in each state for something called an "electoral college". Over here, it's much more simple. The two roles are different people - and nobody votes for either. The Head of State (Her Majesty the Queen) is the descendant of someone chosen by Parliament nearly 300 years ago. The head of governmemt (prime minister) is chosen by some sort of secret deal with his predecessor.

Everyone seems to have got very excited about President Obama. He is going to have a lot of trouble living up to all the things people expect him to do. Now that part I can understand. You humans only have to watch "Toy Story" and you expect your toys to do all sort of strange things for you. Mine ask me to do everything from making them coffee in the morning to turning the television off at night. I try to explain that it was Rex, who had small, hard, plastic hands, who could use the tv remote and that even he didn't do it when humans were present - but they won't listen. I suppose I made a problem for myself by claiming I could make the coffee - I delegate by sending Andrew to do it. At least the new Commander in Chief will have lots of people he can call on for that.

While we were in Florida, we did watch some interviews with, as they then were, the President elect and future First Lady. Even a toy cat with a head full of fluff knows these interviews were as carefully managed as more "serious" political ones, but I thought they seemed nice people. They have two small girls and I am sure they will now have all the cute toys they want.

Good luck to us all.

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