Saturday, 17 January 2009

Come to London

My humans had a short trip to London this week. They had events to go to on two evenings so they stayed one night in a central London hotel.

During the day, my humans travelled round by Underground. To get to their second event, they had to go into the City just after 5.00pm (and carrying their overnight bags). They could not get on the first train into the platform. They just got onto the second - Mikki was afraid they would get separated. At the next stop, nobody got off but a couple of people forced their way on! The Central Line had delays for some reason but my humans are not sure if the crush would have been less if there hadn't been. My humans lived for over 20 years in London. They don't miss it at all.

The hotel was lovely and luxurious. It was built within the old, grand offices of an insurance company (sweeping taircases and lots of marble). It was very convenient to the places they were going. There were many friendly, attentive staff. The only problem was the price (or it would have been if they had been paying rather than using the company's reward scheme).

The tariff price for their room was over £300! The restaurant was under the direction of a Head Chef who has appeared on television. It also had a "Taster" menu at £60 a head without drinks! In the morning, my humans went to check out the price of breakfast. Finding no priced menu on display, they crossed the road to have breakfast in "Starbucks". The price in the hotel would have been nearly £25 each. They discovered this when two breakfasts mysteriously appeared on their bill at check-out. They didn't hear what the reception clerk was told when she telephoned someone but the item was removed without hassle.

Oh yes, there was one other problem about this visit. Claiming they wanted to travel light, my humans did not take me! However, Mikki did take my cousin Floppy Cat (who is bigger tham me) so I ragard their excuse as dubious. I am having to rely on his report that the hotel bed was large and confortable.

But the good news is for visitors from the USA and those parts of Europe that use the "Euro". All those luxurious hotel rooms and stylish restaurants are now a lot cheaper in your own money. And the hotel in question is owned by an American company so Americans can think of it as supporting the home economy. Come on over and visit London. My humans will be happy to leave space for you.

Actually, they will be visiting the capital again next week - but only a day trip. They have no more plans for any overnight stays. Now can I please go back to my place on the bed here and have a cuddle?

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