Monday, 10 November 2008

Tinker Bell

I am out of the bath now and have mostly dried out. My back paws are still a little stiff but the humans are telling me I look very smart and clean - they mean even more smart and clean. This is so I can look my best when we visit Walt Disney World.

I am looking forward to one of the new attractions: meeting Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. Naturally, both I and my humans had to learn more about then and this meant buying the Tinker Bell DVD that came out today. Mikki looked up internet prices before we went into town (we had other things to do anyway). In town, she checked out several stores before discovering Woolworth had the cheapest price of anyone. This was an added bonus for us because we had some vouchers for Woolworth as well.

The DVD comes in a pretty box with lots of advertising for Blu-Ray high definition movies. I notice "Pinocchio" is coming out soon. The humans say there's no point because we don't have a blu-ray player. That's a pretty feeble excuse to my way of thinking - and it looks as if I've got until March.

We put on the Tinker Bell DVD. Andrew is apprehensive. He says it is brave of Disney to reveal the story of a loved character like Tink when lots of people will have their own ideas and may be disappointed. He wasn't. First, the film is absolutely delightful to look at. The story grew on us as we watched. Also Tink's character grew on us as we saw elements we recognised come out. The humans kept saying words like "Enchanting" and "Charming" as we watched. I can tell you that Cheese the mouse is really cute. I can say that even though he's a mouse and I'm a cat. You see, he's not a real mouse and I'm not a real cat. We are both Disney characters (so of course we are both cute).

Two factual notes for US readers. First, spring does not really come in England that quickly. Second, there are no longer any red squirrels in London. They have been driven out by the grey ones that came from . . . never mind.

Well, we're now trying to learn all the names and other details of the other fairies we will meet. Perhaps I will need to get them to read some books. This is a holiday you will be going on: no time to relax and enjoy yourselves!

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