Saturday, 8 November 2008

Halloween and Bonfire Night

I am being told I should write my blog more often so I shall tell you about the parties in the last week. We had one for Halloween in our house. The humans decorated it with ghosts, hanging spiders and things like that. They even covered the walls of one room with a fake stone "dungeon" wall. Fortunatly, they didn't make me dress up (this time). It's probably just as well that I'm not an all black cat. Lots of neighbours came and lots of them dressed up.

The humans discouraged people from coming upstairs so I was able to hide in the bedroom. I only had to look after lots of coats that were put on my bed.

A few days later, the humans went next door to a firework party. There was no big fire but one of the other neighbours set off some lovely big fireworks. They also had some sparklers that several of the humans lit and waved about like they used to do when they were children. I am so glad humans never really grow up. If they did, they might stop playing with toy cats or enjoying taking them to Disney World.

My humans have now caught me typing and insist I say that I must have mistaken what I saw then do. Surely, they obeyed all the health and safety instructions and only held the sparklers perfectly still at arms' length while a long way away from anyone else. Gosh, yes, that sounds like much more fun!

Anyway, I stayed safe in the bedroom again but I could see the fireworks from the bedroom window. It was just as well nobody looked to see if I was watching. Being a toy, I am not frightened by fireworks - at least when they are outside and I am inside. Oh yes, and as long as the bits that drop from the sky have stopped burning and miss my roof.

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