Wednesday, 5 November 2008

About Time Too!

Hello and a warm welcome to my diary. I don't know what took my humans so long to set it up for me. For years they have made me write their trip reports to Walt Disney World on discussion boards. They have promised (threatened) to let me (make me) do a year round diary. Well, here goes.

Not surprisingly, all the news this morning is from America. Perhaps it is a good day for starting something new after all.

Here in England, we use 5th November to celebrate Guy Fawkes - who tried to blow up Parliament. These days, my humans ask if we celebrate the fact he was caught or the fact that he tried.

Lots of real cats are frightened of the fireworks and other noise tonight will bring but this is one of many ways where a toy cat if much better than a real one. I may come back to these later.

That's enough of a start. My paws are getting tired.

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