Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Happy Birthday Mickey - How Old?

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse (and Minnie Mouse but I have to be quiet about that because my Mikki doesn't like the way Minnie tried to steal Andrew - and that's another story).
It's an old joke but it's worth saying: there must be lots of human Hollywood stars who wished they would look as good as Mickey does 80 years after his first performance. And let's not push the joke too far by counting how many makeovers Mickey has had and how many a human would need! We now know (thanks to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit") that toon stars can have different ages and personalities on and off screen. "Toy Story" told you humans something similar about us toys, so Mickey's birthday makes me wonder about how old I really am.
I celebrate my "birthday" at Christmas because that's when Mikki gave me to Andrew as a present. She found me in a Disney Store in Liverpool, in the north of England. That was in 1992 - so in human years I will be at least 16 this Christmas. That would be quite old for a cat but how long are "toy cat" years. What is the normal life expectancy of a cuddly toy cat? What happens to toys after kids play with them for a year or two (or even just a day or two at Christmas)? I know I am very lucky not to have ended up in st****e. My Mikki has a box somewhere where there are some teddy bears she played with as a child. I have heard Andrew say his mother has some old toys of his in the top of her cupboard. I wonder how they feel. Are they all still waiting for the day when someone will say, "I will always love you"?
Hey! Stop! This is getting too serious for the day we leave for Walt Disney World. It's clearly time for me and my humans to revive the "child within": to prove we are among the young at heart of all ages.
Many more Happy Birthdays, Mickey.

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