Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bath Day

Figaro is a star in his own right and appeared in several short films after "Pinocchio". In a couple, he had the ultimate accolade: his face before the title. One of those is "Bath Day", in which Minnie Mouse forces him into the bath, cleans him up, ties a bow on him and even sprays him with perfume. The poor little kitten then has to face alley cats but masterfully defeats them all.

Well, today has been my "Bath Day". I put up with it because I know this is preparation for going to Walt Disney World where I can have lots of pictures taken and meet lots of people. I want to look my best for that. My bath day doesn't involve tying a bow on me - and certainly no perfume - but I have had a long soak and was then put in the washing machine. After that, it's a long wait drying out. That bit's not too bad. I suppose it's just standing or lying around doing nothing - which is what toy cats do most of the time anyway. Come to think of it, it's what real cats do most of the time too if they can.

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