Thursday, 13 November 2008

Getting Ready for Holidays

We are spending a lot of time getting ready for our holidays in and around Walt Disney World - starting next week.
First off, Mikki had to check the reservation. This caused her at least one sleepless night when even having a cute toy cat to cuddle couldn't settle her competely. I'll explain. My humans joined the Disney Vacation Club (DVC)in 1992 - very soon after it started. DVC has a wonderfully flexible system where you use points to book accommodateion. You do need to keep a close track on your points, however. LIke everything these days, it depends on computers - and when things are working it is all visible on the web. Now Mikki is a bit of an internet enthusiast, so she checks the DVC web site and discovers that part of her reservation isn't showing. Inevitably, this was just before the weekend so she had to wait until Monday to telephone Disney in Florida. Fortunately, everything was actually fine. It was just the web site that was having an off day (or three).
Next is the Christmas card list and annual letter to friends. We will hardly be home in time to post cards in time for Christmas so we will have to write them all and put stamps on them and arrange for friends to put them in the post about the right time while we are away. Andrew has the job of doing the first draft of the letter that goes out with cards. I am disapponted to notice that I am not in any of the pictures this year. I shall have to arrange something especially appealing for next year.
In between, some things are getting put out ready for packing. Like most people visiting Wald Disney World, we always come back with much heavier bags than we go out. For recent trips, one thing in the suitcase going out is another suitcase!
Also, of course, we have continued to study Tinker Bell's movie so we know who her friends are when we meet them. I think I have the names now, Rosetta, Fawn, Iridessa and Lucy Liu (Hmm, more study - and maybe a little less help form Andrew - required). I also see the "Sneak peaks" are already promoting Tink's second movie!
Oh, Mikki rang up to check the time yesterday evening. I don't think she can remember what tme it was but she liked listening to Tink telling her.
I'm adding this bit a couple of days later. We are off tomorrow. Mikki wanted to be packed by today but someone didn't give her all the clothes they want to take. I just have my fur coat so it isn't me. They are both still unable to make their minds up about the weather so may take extra sweaters and coats. I shall be fine in my fur coat as usual - even though it is not a thick as it used to be. I am getting quite old for a kitten - but then Mickey is getting quite old for a mouse! Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Mickey.

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