Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bath Day

I have had another bath.  I am Figaro - and Figaro does not like baths (that's me on the left).
There is a problem in being such a well cuddled toy as I am.  The humans claim I need to get cleaned up before our trips to Walt Disney World so I can look my best for photographs with the other Disney characters.  So there I was getting soaked in detergent with my cousin, Floppy Figaro.  After that - horror of horror - they put us in the washing machine and turned it on.  It's all very traumatic but I am pleased  to say we both came out relatively unharmed.

This second picture was taken just after our release.  I was very pleased to be out and quite pleased with the result.  If you look carefully, you can see that my right eye is a little damaged but by the time I am writing this my human Mikki has carried out some delicate eye surgery so it is getting back to perfect.

All this means that we are another step closer to our next trip to Walt Disney World.  We are all starting to think about all the pictures we can take (of me) and all the other fun and relaxing things we can do.  There are lots of new places in the remodelled Fantasyland where I can pose and Mikki says there are new characters for me to meet.

Now put me somewhere warm and cosy so I can continue drying out and be ready for more cuddles.

And a very Happy New Year to all my followers and fans.

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