Friday, 11 January 2013

Looking Forward

It's only just over a week to go before we set off for our next trip to Walt Disney World and I am really looking forward to it. Today, the humans have been making sure they have the user manuals for their new camera so they can take the best pictures of me they can.  There'll be lots of new things to see as well as older and more familiar ones to re-visit.

Top of the new things to do will be the new additions to Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Here's a picture Mikki had taken of her with Minnie Mouse in the venue and outfit she has in the rebuilt area.  I don't quite understand it myself (possibly something to do with d*gs) so I'm looking forward to checking it out personally.  I so hope Minnie can cuddle me nicely while she's wearing that dress.

And here's a picture Mikki took of a recent but familiar character - Ratatouille as he appears going round "Chefs de France".  I am always a good cat and don't chase the rat when I see him.  I'll be pleased to go to Epcot too.  We can ride "Mission Space" and I might be "Commander Cat".

Mikki says there will also be new features at "Test Track".  I need people to hold on to me very firmly when we go on that.

And there has been more good news since my last post.  The humans have booked a second trip to Florida this year.  It'll be the first time for many years that they will be going in August.  I hope there will be lots of new and different things to do that trip too.

But I also like familiar things, like cuddles.

Prrrr. Prrrr.

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