Saturday, 12 January 2013

They're only Ornaments, but . . .

I sometimes wonder whether my humans think about me when I leave them on their own.  So, it was nice of Mikki to bring back this picture from her trip to Walt Disney World in October.
These figurines of the most adorable black and white kitten are in "One Man's Dream" at the Disney Studios park.  I'm sure we will be visiting that exhibit at least once.

We have a couple of small china ornaments of Figaro but I don't think we have any with quite these poses. It goes to show how cute cats are whatever they do.

Meanwhile, Mikki is very busy today making sure she has all the documentation for our tip to Florida.  This is becoming more difficult as everything is sent electronically now so she has to remember to print them.  Andrew asked if she had my "pet passport".  Cheek!  That's one of the reasons toy cats are better than real ones (you can take us away on holiday/vacation without worrying about injections, quarantine or passports) but let's get it straight.  Cats allow humans to look after them.  Cats are not pets.  Toy cats get cuddles when they want, like now.


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