Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas - Some Nice Bits

Time to bring you up to date with what's been happening here over Christmas.  There have been some fun things happening and some nice presents.

We spent Christmas at home in our village in Lincolnshire and that meant we have had a quiet time - apart from all the little parties when either friends and neighbours came to visit us or we (well, actually only the humans) went to them.  There was (I am told) an especially nice meal on Christmas day at the next door neighbours' house.

But don't think I was forgotten.  I have had lots of nice presents.  My first picture is of the box of chocolates one of the neighbours brought round. Wasn't it so nice of them to get my name printed on the box specially?  I know I'm a toy and don't actually eat chocolates (I shall have to let Andrew eat most of them) but it was a very sweet thought.

And my humans were even nicer.  They have a new picture of Figaro.  The cute kitten is in his bed.  The picture came back from the framers yesterday (Saturday 29th) and has been found a good spot next to my cousin "Big Softy" Figaro.
My only small concern is that my humans might think they are going to get me to sleep in a bed of my own rather than theirs.  I doubt it.  After all, Figaro didn't stay in that bed but soon got in with Gepetto.

And talking about films, it is always nice to see so many Disney movies on the main UK television channels over Christmas.  The BBC has had Flubber, Flight of the Navigator, 101 and 102 Dalmations (yes, d*gs), The Incredibles and lots more.  Today, it's Bedknobs and Broomsticks. If they didn't have so many DVDs I suspect my humans would have watched more.

Now I am hoping for a cuddle - but I am afraid they are getting ready for the new year and the trip to Walt Disney World.  I love to go there but there's part of the preparation I don't look forward to.  Watch this space.

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