Friday, 7 December 2012

Christmas Friends Come Out to Play

 We will be staying at home during the coming festive season so we are having proper Christmas decorations up all over the house.  This includes lots of nice Mickey Mouse toys (and some Minnies and even a couple of the d*g).  They are all nice, good, Disney character toys so I was very pleased to see them come out to play.  Here are some.

There are no Figaro toys among the Christmas items.  That means none of my fellow Figaros have to spend the rest of the year in st***ge.  The humans have also been getting out Christmas ornaments.  There's one behind me here.
As you can see, I've been helping by doing some supervising.

Naturally, it wouldn't be Christmas without a tree.  Perhaps we can see some other pictures of that later but for the moment, I have been fascinated by the big new parcels the humans have put under ours.  Now I'm only a toy cat but you're not fooling me.  Those are just decorations with lights in them and the real parcels are still to come.  I just hope that when they do, mine's as big as this one.
And that reminds me of another reason why toy cats are better than real ones.  A toy cat will stand patiently watching you put up tempting little baubles like this one and not play with it - or all those other nice things on the tree.

You've done very well putting up all those decorations.  Now relax by cuddling me.


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