Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Back from Intercot 15

My human, Mikki, and my cousin, Floppy Figaro, are back from their trip to Florida.  With that and other distractions for the humans, it has taken a little time for things to settle down, so I apologise for not posting on the blog recently.

The main reason Mikki went to Walt Disney World when she did was so that she could join friends from the Intercot discussion board for their 15th anniversary meet.  I want to send a big "Thank You" to everyone who was hoping to see me or asked after me but I had to stay to look after Andrew.  My cousin, Floppy went instead.  He was given a nice T shirt.
Over the years, Mikki has had a lot of fun with Intercot.  They generally seem a friendly as well as an intelligent lot and the discussion board is well moderated so that people stay on topic rather more than on some others.  And it was extremely generous of them to bring a shirt just the right size for Floppy.  The humans insisted on trying, but it doesn't fit me nearly as well.

We are all now looking forward to the next trip when the whole family will go to Walt Disney World - early next year.  Meanwhile, I shall put up some pictures from the most recent as well as earlier trips for you.

And for those who have really been missing me, I was about while Floppy was having this picture taken - but I was rather busy - doing what cats do best (sleeping in the most comfortable place in the house).

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