Friday, 19 October 2012

Space Rangers

Mikki is in Florida and she is telling us how things are going.  This morning (Friday 19th Oct) she said she was off to the Magic Kingdom.  She has already been there once and part of her report was about riding the Buzz Lightyear ride in "Tomorrowland".  So here is a picture of me riding the same ride on another visit.  Judging by the outfits, I think (I certainly hope) the picture was taken at a "Pirates and Princesses" party.
You'll notice that it is Andrew who is looking after me.  Thee are good reasons for this.  Mikki takes high scores seriously so needs both hands:  one for shooting and the other to control the "spin" of the car.  Andrew can't see very well (his vision is within the legal definition of "blind") so he's not too concerned which way his gun is pointing.  He always has a spare arm to give me a cuddle.  I need not add that if there ever was a time Andrew got a higher score than Mikki, she is not letting him talk about it.

Which brings me to Mikki's report of her trip now.  It seems Disney have added a refinement to the picture so that the scores of the riders also appear in view.  But when Mikki rode there was a "glitch" in the software and the scores were reversed.  Mikki was riding on her own and she was shown as having a "Zero" score while the empty seat had achieved her total.  Well done empty seat!

She says Disney were very nice and gave her a print of the photo - where the problem didn't occur.

So, Mikki is enjoying her trip and it sounds like she is also already meeting a few friends there.

And back home Andrew can still give me a cuddle.


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