Monday, 15 October 2012

Mickey Comes: Mikki Goes

Some updating.  Today (Monday October 15th) my human Mikki sets off to Walt Disney World.

Also, we have been acquiring some new pictures.  One is of Mickey Mouse (and Tinker Bell) and it is in the photo.  Two more are just of Tink.  I may show you pictures of them later. It's a bit of a long story and I don't want to tell you all of it.  Shortened quite a lot, my humans saw this rather nice original cel from "Pinocchio" of a wonderful black and white kitten.  A friend was getting it but - after a long delay - it turned out the US seller had sold it elsewhere but meanwhile our friend had sent him our money!! Meeeooww!

So to help our friend, the humans have "bought" some other pictures from him and this is one.  It's quite nice but not the same as an original cel of Figaro himself.

So, (another) Mickey has arrived on one of our walls but today Mikki departs for Walt Disney World and won't be back for over 2 weeks.  While there, she will be helping with (and, I hope, enjoying) the 15th anniversary meet of "Intercot".  We all hope she has a lovely time and I have promised to look after Andrew for her.  I know she is very reassured by that.

But she will give me one last cuddle herself too.


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