Saturday, 15 December 2012


I have a twin - and he's in Florida waiting to meet me.

After I came to live with my humans, they looked at Figaro toys but they were not quite like me.  The eyes had a different shape or there mouth was different.  Before long, the changes became even greater with "Figaros" of different sizes and in different poses (lazy ones like Floppycat who lie down all the time) and so on.  That is how I have gathered quite a "family" of other Figaro toys around me in the house but none quite like me.

Well, that has changed.  Mikki saw this little fellow on "eBay" and bought him.  He was delivered to our friend Christine in Celebration and is waiting for us to come and collect him when we visit Walt Disney World in January.

I know, he's not like I am now:  he's like I used to be before I had as many cuddles as I have had.  I think he should be allowed to remain clean and tidy and with all his long ear fur.  Which means you can all continue cuddling me

Prrr Prrrr.

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