Friday, 2 March 2012

Another Tinker Bell

Oh no!  Yet another Tinker Bell has arrived in our house.

I don't know what's got into my human Andrew the last couple of days:  he's started cleaning and tidying the room he uses as a study (and where I go to do my blog).  He dusted and polished his desk.  He then cleaned all the Tinker Bell ornaments he had on it (Mikki even helped with that).  Then he opened a large box they had bought in "Art of Disney" in January.  Out came, yet another, Tinker Bell.  This one isn't quite as big as his biggest.  It has wings that light up and change colour.  Now she/it is set out among all the others.

I keep reminding myself - and them - that they are only ornaments.  I also remind myself that the humans look out for Figaro ornaments but didn't see any new ones.

Well, I'll stop now and leave the new Tink ornament to sit with her sisters. Remember, pixies, I'm the one on the bed.


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