Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Paddy's Day - as everyone seemed to say when were were in Walt Disney World at the right time (which I have to say was about 10 years ago when my humans didn't have anything like as nice a camera as they have now.

This is a picture of me (and my "cousin" Travelling Beanie) taken at the Rose and Crown, the "English Pub" in Epcot during celebrations of St Patrick's day.  All the human visitors were given these silly plastic hats to wear and my humans thought it would be funny to embarrass their toy cats with them too.

The humans accepted the invitation to buy green beer in accordance - they were told - with the "Olde English Custom".  Well, I don't know whether there were any places in England that did this but we had never come across it before.  We think it may have originated in such traditional "Olde English" towns as Chicago.  I'm told students in Miami also have some sort of Green Beer custom and perhaps that's where Disney got it.

My humans have visited Ireland several times (though not on St Patrick's day).  They can assure you that the Irish have great respect for their beer and are unlikely to have thought it a good idea to pollute it with green dye.  And the best beer is black anyway (having tasted both extensively, they offer no public preference between Guinness and Murphy's).

So, if it's a day for embarrassing pictures, I am also putting up this one of my leprechaun (aka Andrew) taken at the same time.  There's one of Mikki on Twitter but she looks a lot better.

  Andrew claims he only had the one pint of green beer and that his appearance is totally due to the camera (and his normal mis-shapenness).  I leave readers to judge.

OK, that's it.  We've all had our fun and we've all been willing to join in having fun poked at us.  Perhaps next year I can say something more interesting on St Patrick's day.  Meanwhile, let's all have a group cuddle.


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