Tuesday, 20 March 2012

(Toy) Cat and (Tin) Dog

Time for a little change from Disney (my humans say:  Why?).  Here's a picture to illustrate my humans' interest in science fiction.  Here I am with Doctor Who's dog, K9.
K9 wasn't very lively when I met him.  Dogs are such lazy creatures:  or perhaps he was just switched off.  All he did was sit there in this exhibition letting people look at him.  This was in Cardiff (Wales) a few years ago.  I think it was soon after he had made his return to the show in "School Reunion".

One of my humans' special memories is the one time they went to a Doctor Who convention.  That was even longer ago - back in 1993.  It celebrated 30 years since the show first aired and, of course, was long before it came back to tv.  One of the humans' special moments was being in quite a small room watching John Leeson (the actor who does the voice of K9) get down on hands and knees and speak the voice.

Another memory of that day was meeting Mikki's favourite Doctor, Jon Pertwee, in his TARDIS.  I really don't want to say anything that might suggest how old my humans are - but Andrew's favourite Doctor was William Hartnell!!

It was at that same convention that the humans bought their own TARDIS.  It's a little smaller that the Doctor's (that's only on the outside, of course) at only about 3ft 6in high.  My cousin Big Softy sits on top.   He likes cuddles  . .

 . .  And so do I.


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