Friday, 18 February 2011

We're going on a Cruise

All the worries about no Disney holidays (vacations) this year are over! My Mikki has booked us a cruise. We will be spending 7 nights on "Disney Magic" in the Mediterranian.

Mikki says it is the port stops and tours that finally won it for her. Among other places, we will be visiting Florence and Pompeii in Italy. There is also a stop for Rome but my humans have been there and don't think it is worth going again this time. There is a fair journey from the port to inland cities so you have a lot of travelling and not much time there. My humans will accept that for Florence - which neither of them have ever been to - but not Rome.

Other stops will include Barcelona in Spain, France (for Monte Carlo) and Palma on Majorca. The humans may not bother with all of them.

I enjoyed my last cruise, as you can see from the picture. Mind you, there were lots of lounger chairs so I can't remember now why I had to share mine with my cousins Floppy cat and Travelllng Beanie. They look more relaxed than me because they are much more acustomed to lying about doing nothing than I am. They are really quite lazy kitties! I can stand up without help - and I write trip reports and a blog. Maybe we can make some improvements to the lounging arrangements this time. We only had 3 nights last time. It was also on "Disney Wonder" so I will be able to look out for all the places that are different on "Magic" where I can have my picture taken. Perhaps I will find a few more from the last cruise for the Blog.

It was also quite persuasive that Disney were offering quite big discounts on some of the staterooms. We are having one that has a verandah.

Yes, we're looking forward to it. Prrrr.

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