Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Remember the Lion King

The humans went to London at the weekend to spend a day with Mikki's sister who was passing through. They went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is a quite wonderful museum with an incredibly varied collection. There is a special exhibition on at the moment of Chinese Imperial Robes. Entry to the main museum is free but this special exhibition had a charge - except that there was an exemption for disabled people and up to two carers so all three humans got in free (Andrew won't have seen much of the detail of the robes so it would hardly have been fair for him to pay full price). They also liked the paintings, jewellery and theatrical costumes.

Which gets me to the point of the story: the costumes they got most excited about were from the stage prodocution of "The Lion King". Mikki and her sister agreed it was a superb musical show. So here is a picture of a visit - quite a few years ago - to the Festival of the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom. Is the lion we can see Simba or Mufasa? I can't remember.

Oh yes, where was I? Left at home!! Meeeowww!

We were watching the television last night and saw the actor Jeremy Irons on a BBC programme, "The One Show". He was there to talk about some work he is doing with one of the Prince of Wales' charities to promote the arts to children. However, the presenters had to remind him what so many people (they said) will remember him best for: Uncle Scar. They played the "Life just isn''t fair" clip.
As soon as Mikki saw Jeremy Irons on the show, she commented how much of him had appeared in Scar - and guess what: that's what the presenters talked about too. Irons (a highly talented and very busy actor) could be amusing about it too. He reminded viewers that while the voice actors are doing their bit they are being filmed and watched by the animators. James Earl Jones inspired the magnificent Mufasa: Irons became - Scar!

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