Saturday, 12 February 2011

Tink's Latest Movie

We've been watching Tinker Bell's latest movie: The Great Fairy Rescue. My humans think the story is the best yet. We now see these things in High Definition from Disney Cinemagique.
Yes, we have had it for a little time now so I could have told you about it before but the humans hadn't got a nice picture of me before today. I have to admit good pictures of Tink are very easy: all her movies are totally cute and it is quite difficult to freeze the action without seeing her in a wonderful pose.
There are lots of fun ideas in this film. Some remind us of other films, like flying up to move the hands of the clock on the Palace of Westminster (Andrew won't let me say "Big Ben" because Big Ben is the hour bell, not the clock). Some are cute new things, like fairies being unable to fly in rain (Andrew thought Fawn looked very nice with wet hair and I'm sure I will get him into trouble by saying so).
There is a cat in this film and I am pleased to report my humans show no interest in him whatsoever. He is sufficiently like a real cat that he doesn't go out in the rain to chase fairies. I'm not sure it is so realistic to see him at the end appearing relatively calm about being next to a mouse. Who ever heard of a cat living with a mouse? . . Oh!

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