Sunday, 20 February 2011

Salsa Night

We have been on a little trip. It wasn't very far - about an hour in the car (or would have been without roadworks, diversions and Saturday afternoon traffic) but it was a bit of an adventure for my humans. They were going for an afternoon and evening with friends from "Mensa" (the high IQ society). I was going to keep them company in the car and to try out a different bed to lie on. In the evening they were going to learn some salsa dance moves and in the afternoon they were making carnival masks to help their evening outfits. I didn't want to take much part in any of that but as you can see I was forced to wear one of the masks (the one Andrew made).
The humans had a lot of fun in the evening but came back to the room quite tired from dancing. They had a teacher who tried to teach them two Latin dances. I think almost everyone in the group was a total beginner so they didn't show themselves up that much. As soon as the instructor got anywhere beyond the most basic steps, everyone tied themselves in knots.
We had a comofortable bed for the night: The humans paid a little extra for a king size one so there was plenty of room. It was billed as a "four poster" and I suppose it was. There was a wooden post sticking up at each corner.
We are back home tonight getting ready for our next night away - tomorrow visiting Andrew's mother. I don't expect the humans will be doing a lot more dancing soon but you never know.
Tonight in my own bed. Prr.

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