Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Welcome Big Fig

Here he is: the latest addition to our family of Figaros. He was rushed over freom someone who bought him in a Disney Store in the USA. Like "Long Tail", he has a patch sewn onto him saying he is a "Disney Store Exclusive". It's on his back left leg so you can't see it in the picture.

He is very soft and - yes - he is big. I like being in pictures but I am not sure I wanted to be in this one next to him. I am standing up and he is lying down but still as tall as me. His head seems especially large but we are too kind to make any comments about that. After all, we are all cute, adorable Disney characters so our heads are larger than life in proportion to our bodies and our eyes are larger than life in proportion to our heads. This new one's eyes are as big as my paws (yes, I did test it but I didn't hurt him really).

He also has a tale that manages to be soft and stand up at the same time. I suppose those Disney designers are getting cleverer and cleverer over the years.

Mikki has named my new cousin "Big Fig". I am not sure she isn't getting a little less imaginative with her names, but I'm sure he will get to like it here soon. He is new. His fur is fluffy, his black is very black and his white is very clean and white. I point out to him that if he wants to stay that way he will have to avoid getting cuddled (all the more for me).

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