Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Family Photograph

My humans have a web site. It is out of date. Around Christmas time and New Year, they tell friends that this year they are going to update it. And the next year they say that, no really, this year . . . ..

Well, I think it's time to give you some news. This year (2009) they have been doing some work on the web site. The main work so far has been to gather together all us toy Figaro plushes for a family photograph. Andrew collects us all up; carries us to a comfy sofa; poses us nicely; takes some photographs from different angles and with different lighting conditions; and takes us all back to our places. Then he gets on with other things while Mikki sees a new "Figaro" plush on "eBay". So a couple of months later we all have to pose again. It's all go when you're a star.

So here is the latest picture - but one that will probably never make it to the web. There will be another "cousin" for me on the way next month (June).

You don't need to count. There are 20 toy cats in the picture. Most are different (if only a little). They are all Figaro but they are all little individuals - and all of them except me have another name (like Softy, Floppy, Happy, Oscar or Long Tail). For the web site Andrew does a version of the picture with numbers on it and our names on the page beneath the picture. Naturally, I am "No. 1" And I have the centre spot in the group.

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  1. Hi Figaro
    Its great to met you and learn all about your life and adventures
    I'm found your blog when I was trying to answer you Humans quiz this morning