Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Another Holiday Weekend

Just a few odds and ends of what has been happening since I last posted on my Blog.

It's been a Holiday weekend. My humans tell me that in the USA it is "Memorial Day" when everyone remembers the contribution of people who serve in the armed forces. In England it is "Bank Holiday". I'm just a toy cat so I don't pretend to understand why the British make it a public holiday just because the banks are closed. If the banks closing was a reason for celebration, you would have thought everyone here would have been very happy over the last year. But then, I'm, just a toy cat - and I am getting off the point of what I have been up to recently.

My humans had two nights away seeing Andrew's mother - who is moving flat (apartment). There are lot of things to sort through!! Andrew's mother has a Figaro toy too. She has one of Floppy cat's brothers and I like to visit and see how he is. For some reason I don't know, Andrew's mother has named him "Mischief". I am sure he doesn't do anythig naughty to deserve that or break any rules. Most of the time he just lies along the back of her sofa. He is rather cleaner and softer than Floppy. I suspect he doesn't get as many cuddles.

We also celebrated Andrew's brother's birthday at the weekend. The whole family of humans went to a nice restaurant for lunch. They didn't take me even though the restaurant specialises in fish. Only joking, I am a toy: I don't eat.

I am not sure whether he would want me to say how old he is on the internet: it was one of those birthdays with a "0" at the end. Let's just say he is still younger than my character (70 this year, isn't it?).

Another feature of Bank Holidays in England is that the main tv company (the BBC) seems to hand over a lot of its air time to the Walt Disney Company. The main channel shows "Freaky Friday" followed by "National Treasure" while the second channel has just shown "The Moon Spinners". I still miss the old "Disney Time" shows when you would get clips of really great movies - like the one of a wooden boy setting off to his first day at school while a certain little black and white cat played round his feet.

Then, there has been sadness in the house over the holiday too. We were all sorry to hear that The Mouse has lost his voice. Wayne Allwine was like so many people at the Disney studio. His name may not have been known to many but his contribution to the happiness in the world was immense.

So my picture is of the original "Speak for Mickey" statue from the "Mickey InspEARations" set. My Mikki has a miniature but this is the big one. The 75 statues were created for Mickey's 75th birthday and we saw them outside the Magic Kingdom in December 2003. The decoration of this statue celebrates Mickey's first voice - that of Walt Disney himself. It was designed by the (then) current voices of Mickey and Minnie. If you can't read it on the photo, it says "I speak for Mickey and Mickey speaks for me: Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor".

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