Sunday, 10 May 2009

Characters 4 - Tigger

It's time to remember another character I met in Walt Disney World. This time, it's Tigger.

Tigger is very friendly and nice. He is an animal from the cat family - and he is also based on a toy! Those both seem to me to be positive characteristics.

This picture was taken at breakfast at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. I like going to meals with characters because of the chance to get pictures without having to stand in line. I do get just a little worried at some of the meals when the humans put me on the table with all their food and drinks. They haven't got me messy yet: I just get nervous. Fortunately, Crystal Palace has larger tables than some restaurants. The characters must also get a bit nervous as they go round tables while guests are moving about with plates of food. That probably explains why Tigger isn't as "bouncy" as he could be. As you can see, he was very gentle with me.

This was on a Saturday morning last December. We were up early because we wanted to get to Crystal Palace at 8.00 a.m. to meet some friends in time for the booking. One of our party was actually the very first guest to be let into the park that day.

Because we got in early, we were also able to get some lovely pictures of Main Street, Cinderella Castle and the Hub with no other people there. Actually, there must have been some other people there because one of the pictures has both my humans in it. It must have been a cool day too: they are wearing sweaters.

It's a good thing I get on so well with other cats who are bigger than me. And that will probably be my next post. The latest member of the Figaro family has arrived sooner than expected - and he is big!

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