Wednesday, 5 February 2014


My apologies for the lack of Blog posts recently but I remind you  I have been appearing on Instagram from time to time.  Look for:  andrew1987young

It's chaos around here at the moment.  It's great that we will soon be off on holiday (vacation) to somewhere warm (sadly, not Walt Disney World), but meanwhile the humans are rushing around getting everything packed and ready.  On top of this, they are having lots of cupboards replaced in our own bedroom and the room the rest of my family live in (which I know as "the kitten room" but they sometimes call "the guest bedroom").  For the moment, the bed has been moved into a much smaller room and many of my brothers and cousins have been put in there.  Here I am trying to reassure them they will be all right.

They have to stay here for the moment because as soon as we go on holiday, our builder friend/neighbour will come in and rip out all the old furniture that they used to sit on.  The new ones will be fitted soon after we return.  I am trying to convince everyone that the new system will be much nicer for them.  Actually, I am trying to convince myself that the new system will be much better for them.  It't a bit like how humans feel when public authorities announce a new road system that will make things much better "when it's finished"!  In the short term, however, things will get worse before they get better.  This is not the whole family.  They all have to get in here.

Meanwhile, I think all of us deserve a cuddle - especially me.

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